Remodeling your basement? Meet code while adding light, beauty and safety with our top-quality basement window system. Looks great inside and out.
  • Provides light, ventilation and dimension
  • Lexan cover keeps out snow, leaves and other debris
  • Escape ladder standard
  • Allows entry by firemen and rescue workers
  • Safety grates keep children and animals out
  • Meets and exceeds the Egress requirements of all communities
  • Qualified, trained, professional installers
  • One-day installation for most
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Maintenance free vinyl window
If you want to turn your unused basement into a bright and attractive living space, code now requires that you have an egress window.
Lifetime Concrete will install a heavy-duty system with a maintenance-free vinyl window – start to finish, including everything listed below.
Includes: Initial layout, structural engineering, design, permit application filing, excavation, removal of fill, cut opening, installation of window, well, grating and cover, backfill and rough grading. Call for pricing.
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